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Being Bored

This song is by The Films and appears on the EP Being Bored (2006) and on the album Don't Dance Rattlesnake (2007).

Well I don't spend any time in that corner of the room
'Cause it's too close to the door and I'm sure you'll come knockin' soon enough
To feed me a line 'bout all the things you have to do
You know I have things to do too you're not the only one who has to do them

So I lay there for a while and finally get on my feet
And start to shuffle down the street I stuck my tongue inside my cheek before I
Pulled up a seat at that lousy corner bar
Where all the show off Bedford artists sit discussing who they are

I'm getting bored
Of being bored
I need attention; I feel ignored

When I can't take it anymore
I kicked my stool and slammed the door
If there's a remedy for this I'm sure I probably can't afford it
But I'll try anything and at that time I had a foolish plan
To mouth off to a Polish man and have him kick my teeth in

Just for
Something to do
I might have a problem I need a clue

When I finally got back up I cracked a smile and dusted off
And then I smoked another cigarette and threw it at my silhoutte
I should call it a day and maybe come up with something else
That might be better for my self-esteem or better for my health

I'm just so bored of being bored
I need some attention; I feel ignored

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