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More To Prove

This song is by The Feelers and appears on the album Communicate (2001).

I found peace in this dream
I found chaos in the calm
When the world had turned to nothing
Cause the crime had just begun
I found a witness suspected
And I came and left undetected
In a government cover-up
Yes, it's what I expected
Words are not enough
I need more proof
I saw you drowning in fears
Well a crocodiles got more tears
And I sent a smoke signal wrong
To tell you I was coming home
Now I'm breaking your fall
Cause you said I'd always call
But I was lost behind the wall
Where I think I saw it all
Words are not enough
I need more proof
I could see though you
I need more proof
You've done your time
But I need more proof
There's so much more to say
And there's so much more to prove
I saw a passion in crime
Not given fair trial
And I pulled the thorn from your side
I saw the smile with killer eyes
I saw a city come alive
As a substitute for crime
And I was caught between the lines
In the silence no one finds
And there's more to say
And there's more to prove
And there's more to find out
Behind the truth
And the more you see
Then the less you loose
And there's more to say
And there's more to prove

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