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Chapter III

This song is by The Features and appears on the album Wilderness (2011).

So you've turned around and found
That nothing is the same.
Don't be afraid
Because the winds of change
Have blown you to another page.
Or so they say.

Chapter two begins with you
Wishing for the life you have no more.
The only thing that you receive
Is an old familiar melody you've heard

Yours to keep
Yours to keep

Now you wonder why you're here
And how you could deserve
Such a fate,
But the only thing that's clear
Are the memories you found
Along the way.

Chapter three, you finally see
That something good can come from anything.
Then you recall a time when all your love
Was safely tucked beneath her wing.

Yours to keep
Yours to keep

And so it goes:
The life you've known
Is the only one you'll ever know.

Yours to keep
Yours to keep

Yours to keep
Yours to keep

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