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Another Foot To The Shovel

This song is by The Famine and appears on the album The Raven And The Reaping (2008).

A torrid kiss ignites the flame
With these swollen hearts the fires will rage
A scar from the past sends icy rains
The warmth of love will turn healing to pain

Past scars. Jaded.

Dig away, scrape the pain
Another foot to the shovel
Bleed these wounds and drink the cup
Honor the oath two souls as one

Will we be forgiven?

This won't come easy
We fought for this in the past
Jaded and hopeless
We let it fall through the cracks
Hatred now heats the blade
It divides and it cuts
You gave in and I gave up
Through glares of disgust


The first time was the last time

How could it get this far?
Why did it come to this?
My heart's been ripped apart
Torn by your poisoned lips

How could it get this far?
Why did it come to this?
Our souls are ripped apart

The wounds of love forget the oath

Bitterness the soil, resentment the stone
A grave of shallows filled with her bones
Buried my heartache, buried my hope
My soul now dies with her down in that hole

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