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On My Own

This song is by The Fall and appears on the album The Marshall Suite (1999).

All the streets are blue and beshadowed today
On my own, walking in sub-rain the street looks good today
Good luck to all that sail on the buses going the wrong way

I'm on my own
On my own

Sat in the street
All the advertisements
Walk round a corner
Padded junk mail and bills
In a big pile "Delay"
The blue street is looking good on my way

What do I see?
'Cause I'm on my own, again
And I'm on my own
I'm on my own
On my own

The steps look different today
On my own
On my own

The government
The government is Blair's

But I'm walking... down... street
And the web feather sound
Too red...
I'm on my own
I'm spoken for, not
'Cause I'm on my own again
Take a left to street of dark and blue
'Cause on my own again
I'm on my own
Streets filled with foam

And they say "It's a great day today, in the city of the quiet"

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