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Octo Realm / Ketamine Sun

This song is by The Fall and appears on the album The Unutterable (2000).

Hi! I'm Spliffhead I like to lie on the floor
Hello, I'm Girlie
I'm not and I'm cynical
Hi! I'm Ketamine Kettison
Hi! I'm Julia and I'm Schoolie
I'm Smith
Hi! I'm Smartass at the computer
Hi! I'm Skunklad


New Programme: The Kettisons

Your kids are making queerer sounds
(Your little dog moans)
You don't need all this hassle because your brain is aseed
Anthony takes a front tooth
We count them all at least
K Sun - AK/AK like a wise one
Your brother's in the pen but you see your electromorph
And you can't even describe it because you're a K sun
You are a piece of slop
Can't say it any better
You took a TV and nailed it to the bench of a jeweller
Your mum's moustache needs fixing
Dad's washing up for one
Ketamine Sun
All school stoolpigeons need tea, even at six foot one
You're a walking tower of Adidas crap at a cobblers four times a month
Ketamine Sun

Ketamine Sun

I was right but now I'm wrong
I loved you now and now you're gone
I was a goddamn fool, you taught me that
But I look out at

K-K-Ketamine Sun x 6

Life is like a holy war
Destroyed my life and the ties that bind
Take it - my world's destroyed
Take it

K-K-Ketamine Sun x 6

Behind the clouds
For me
Like I did
'Cause I'm

K-K-Ketamine Sun

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