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Janet, Johnny + James

This song is by The Fall and appears on the album The Real New Fall LP (Formerly Country On The Click) (2003).

What if the world crashed in
Refolding behind your eyelids
Cracked your mind
Cracked your mind

Janet and Johnny and James
Crash your mind
Behind your eyelids

The people behind you
With nepotism
All that rubbish you create
In the (lock)
Suddenly (cranking)

Janet and Johnny and James
Janet and Johnny and James

Dearest Lord, hear me now
Janet and Johnny
Coming over the mountain
From New Guinea
They see the star
From you, our creator
A startling vision of a future that didn't happen
Ian and Eric
The stars trace
Over Janet and Judy
And James
And Susan and Johnny
The skies reflect
Dear Lord, help them in their abject search
From Guineas and the bearded man
From the hills
Never seen again
Janet and Johnny and James
Reflect on your life