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Hurricane Edward

This song is by The Fall and appears on the album Levitate (1997).

(taped narrative):
Awake at 5am
Mr Hughes was right in retrospect
He knew the climate
I was a farm hand in Ross County
Then he came
The Hurricane
This cleanliness won't take your brass
Mr Greaves was right in retrospect
He knew this climate
I'm not an ordinary guy
Am I?
I held yellow thick ropes
So died before him
I was a farm hand
Then came
Then came
Asleep at twelve thirty
In cosy cots
I get up early
I plough the land
Then came
My ears are rushed
My ears are rushed
There are characters in my brain
Hurricane rushed
Come at will
I was always awake from 5 am
Mr Hughes was right in retrospect
He knew this climate
Ross County town
Bank is closed
Then come

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