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What Girls Love

This song is by The Fairly OddParents.

Wanda: The problem with you men today
Is you don't listen clearly
This Valentine for whom you pine
Is yours if you sincerely
Pay some very close attention
To the things we're dreaming of
We'll make a list
Which will consist of
What Girl's Love
Mrs. Turner: Our name carved in an old oak tree
Veronica: A trust fund funded shopping spree
Trixie: A hand that fits inside mine like a glove
Tootie: I'd love to squeeze his hunky bod
Vicky: With this high voltage Cato prod
Wanda: Just write it down and go to town on
What Girl's Love
Female Singers: What Girl's Love
Wanda: Is men with feeling
Female Singers: What Girl's Love
Tooth Fairy: Is some romance
Jorgen: Are these heart shaped weights appealing?
Wanda: Just come on and take a chance
Timmy: On What Girl's Love
Is something special
Cosmo: That no slingshot can destroy
Timmy: Right!
So I decoy
If I'm the boy with
What Girl's Love
So open up your heart and see
That I am someone special
And hear me
As I make my desperate plea
Just listen to me clearly
Cause it's what I'm dreaming of
That you will see that I can be
A boy you'd love!

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