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Great To Be A Guy

This song is by The Fairly OddParents.

All the males: It's great to be a man
It's swell to be a guy
Timmy and Cosmo: To scratch and dig
And pick and itch
And no one asks us why
Timmy: We like to fight
Cosmo: We like to race
All the males: We grow our hair
On every place
Mr. Turner: And everybody knows
It's wrong to cry
All the males: It's great to be a hairy, smelly guy
Timmy: It's great to be a male
It rocks to be a dude
Timmy and Cosmo: To eat and burp
And fart and spit
And kill all of your food
Male: We like to hit
We like to punch
Mr. Turner: Do we like corn?
Another male: I've got a hunch
Timmy, Cosmo, and Mr. Turner: And we like launching missiles in the sky
All the males: It's great to be a hairy, smelly
Cosmo: Check it out
I've got a belly
All the males: Great to be a hairy, smelly guy
Cosmo: Left! Left! Left! Left! Left!
Timmy: It's great to be a guy
That's why I sing this song
Cosmo: But I can't help
But stop and think
That maybe something's wrong
Timmy: But I've got meat
And I got fire
Cosmo: There's nothing else that I require
All the males: Except perhaps a massive pizza pie
Because it's great to be a guy
Yes, Guy!

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