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Streets Of Gold

This song is by The Fabulous Thunderbirds and appears on the album Hot Number (1987).

Walkin' down the alley
Just tryin' to find the main street
I'm gonna travel all the way there
Standing up on my own feet
I wanna see the place
Where the clouds give way to the sun
And no man has to answer to anyone

I wanna make my mark before I'm old
That's why I'm looking for the place
Where I've been told
There's streets of gold
Looking for the streets of gold
Tryin' to find my way
Looking for a better day

Livin' like an invisible man
Ain't a whole lotta fun
It's hard to pull yourself up by your bootstraps
When you haven't got none
You know there's got to be an easier way
But life goes on, just day by day

Happiness can't be bought or sold
That's why I'm looking for the streets
The streets of gold, the streets of gold
I know they're out there somewhere
Those street of gold

Well, they say every dog has his day
And this big dog sure wants to play
Tryin' to find a place for you and me
In this land of opportunity
Sometimes it's a long, long road
Until you get to the streets
The streets of gold
Yes, looking for a better day
We're gonna find it somehow, someway
And not even have to pay
Yes, they're the streets of gold
Just looking for the streets of gold

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