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Hot Number

This song is by The Fabulous Thunderbirds and appears on the album Hot Number (1987).

If you want to come with me
I know you do
If you want my lovin'
Here I am for you
My heart's beating outta control
I'm tryin' to be cool
Learnin' things that I never learned
When I was in school
You're a, whoo!
Hot number

My blood is boilin', baby
And that ain't no lie
You got a special kind of home cookin'
To satisfy
When I-I-I-I-I kiss your lips
And hold you close to me
I can feel the temperature risin'
'Cause you're a, whoo!
Hot number

It starts with a simmer, baby
And comes to a boil
Put it in the oven, baby
And heat up the coil
The weatherman says it's gonna be cold
And not very clear
It don't matter what the forecast says
Whenever you are near
Come on, pretty baby
Take me by my hand
I want to feel the heat
Like the desert sand
'Cause you're a, whoo!
Hot number

You're a, whoo!
Hot number
Yes, you're a hot number
I'm burnin' up now
I've got heat stroke, whoo!
You're a, a hot number
Come on, now, you're a, whoo!
A hot number

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