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That's the Way It Goes

This song is by The Eyeliners and appears on the album Here Comes Trouble (2000).

It's just a bad day where nothing seems to go my way,
The phone began to ring,
And then I heard complaining,
They say we play too loud,
Too many people hanging around,
They want us in exile,
They don't like our sense of style,
And now our landlady's kicking us out.

Things aren't going my way,
Think I'll stay in bed today,
Tomorrow's another day,
When I stand up,
I fall back down,
I can't keep my feet on the ground,
I wanna know it that's the way it goes.

It didn't stop there,
Trouble followed me everywhere,
It started to domino,
And I didn't know which way to go,
I got a ticket on the road,
It made me later even so,
I'm mad, my face is red,
I just can't seem to get ahead,
Then I get there to find I missed the show.

When I stand right up,
I fall back down,
I can't keep my feet on the ground
Well you know,
That's the way it goes.

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