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Rock N Roll Baby

This song is by The Eyeliners and appears on the album Here Comes Trouble (2000).

You think that things are bad,
How can it get worse,
It seems as though somewhere,
I may have taken a wrong turn,
My love for you is a bomb,
That I just cannot diffuse,
I've got to stop this love affair,
But I couldn't even if I tried.

Rock, Rock, Rock-n-roll, baby,
You're a pain in the ass,
Rock, Rock, Rock-n-roll, baby,
You're a pain in the ass,
Obscene, rude, and crass,
But I just can't help but say that I love you so.

We've been together through,
The good times and the bad,
Without you I know that,
I would be feeling very sad,
Today everything's great,
But yesterday it sucked,
When it feels like things are,
Falling down and I can't pick them up.


You kept me up late last night,
And I can't get out of bed,
No one understands,
They think we're misfits,
They don't understand of point of,
View or what we're going through,
They say that they want more,
But I've given everything to you.


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