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The Empty Throne

This song is by The Evolutionaries and appears on the album The Last World (2014).

I see where he is heading
A place I cannot go
That fire does not want me
It only burns those that grow

And I don't wanna be like him anyway
Let him have his own peace of the grave
Among the stars he will forget his name
His face will be the same as every other super human
Who bows and scrapes
An empty throne

You may say that I'm angry
You may think that I hate
But I am cold as an empire
That left its castles to decay

Like a fool
I am filled with excuse
And a pity reserved
For the hopeless night
That craves the light...
That craves the light

I am filled with a hopeless night
Craves the light
Craves the light
Craves the light

I see where he is burning
A place I dare not go
He made his god by thinking
Mine is what I cannot know

If only we could share a dream
About what was and will be
Just stop saying the name
Of what was never made
Turn away from the empty space
The throne
The throne
The throne

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