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Of Fist And Flame

This song is by The End and appears on the album Within Dividia (2003).

The outside world has its own open sores by our mores. To be sanitized.
Filthy! Unclean! What do they fear? This is their evil this year. Why do
They fear? The clearly defined "Bad guys." Follow whomever you believe and
Raise a torch to our family, the bl inded mind and eye is their disease. We
Are more in death then they'll ever be. They will all follow suit and
Execute a sentence of death for malicious fools. You will not bend but break
Our wills. The smell of burning blood and still the ladder clung to g ether,
Around one. The embodiment of the pure, but yet she burned. The demiurge.
Her breath never wavered, heart never faltered until the last. Beware the
Hands of fear. We were the light they could not see. But where the bloodline
Ends is where you begin. You, the enlightened.

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