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This song is by The End and appears on the album Elementary (2007).

Oh baby, borne just yesterday
The world has been waiting for a new child crying the future
A tomorrow that may never ever come
Today is the day to take
If you can last that long and run

Down in (to) your fate
Down and on to face
The pitfalls and trials that may lie across
The breaking path of your wake

The sordid taste of sensuality
Mixed with the salt of another's sweat
Innocence won't ever leave your bedside
Precious, you're of virtue limitless

Are you awake?

Your worst nightmares aren't just your dreams
So feel secure when you sleep
Pain is a gift of pleasure's will
To be borne and reveled in

Dusk was always upon you my darling

Swallow the light with open eyes
For soon the night will headline

So when the world you knew has left you
With aches and distant memories
So many you have loved have gone before you
Most without soliloquies
Be brace and be human
Be fairy-tale valiant
The stage is set, the lights are dimming
And so begins the final scene
Goodnight and sweet dreams

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