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Walking In Different Circles (1969)Edit

The Elves - Walking In Different Circles
Walking In Different Circles
  1. Walking In Different Circles
  2. She's Not The Same

Amber Velvet (1970)Edit

The Elves - Amber Velvet
Amber Velvet
  1. Amber Velvet
  2. West Virginia

Live At The Beacon (1971)Edit

The Elves - Live At The Beacon
Live At The Beacon
  1. The Scramblers
  2. Driftin' / I Can Take It
  3. Aqualung
  4. 36 Year Old Lady / Stormy Monday Blues / You've Really Got A Hold On Me
  5. Mountain Venus
  6. Simple Sister
  7. The Rape Of Andre Lucia

And Before Elf... There Were Elves (2011)Edit

The Elves - And Before Elf... There Were Elves
And Before Elf... There Were Elves
  1. You Shook Me / Rock's Boogie
  2. Stay With Me
  3. Four Day Creep
  4. Buckingham Blues
  5. Wakeup Sunshine
  6. Driftin'
  7. Smile For Me Lady
  8. You Felt The Same Way
  9. Simple Man
  10. Drown Me In The River
  11. Cold Ramona
  12. Little Queenie / Johnny B. Goode

Group MembersEdit

  • Ronnie James Dio: Vocals, bass
  • David Feinstein: Guitar
  • Nick Pantas: Guitar
  • Gary Driscoll: Drums
  • Doug Thaler: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Mickey Lee Soule: Vocals, keyboards

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