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Go Towards The Glow

This song is by The Elms.

It's enough to make a boy cry.
It's enough to make me ill
To have so much I wish I'd said and have to walk away still.
It's enough to make a man frown.
It's enough that you give us proof.
But we trade it in, and once again we lost a little more of something true.

I would be what I should be to be your baby.
I would be what I should be to be your child.
I would be what I should be to make you happy all the time,
And make my difference worth your while.

There's a light that makes things good.
It's a hope that's more alive than anything has ever been.
And that hope, it will survive.
Like a moth going 'round the sky,
Don't we need to find our sight?
And so we go toward the glow that keeps us warm through bitter nights.

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