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I Burned My Candles

This song is by The Electric Prunes.

I found a way to get over you (hey yeah yeah)
I found a way to get over you

I burned my candles baby, cause you burned me out on both ends
I burned my candles baby, to ease the pain within
you are the reason that I'm drowing deep in my tears
I burned my candles baby, so that my heart can hea

Verse 1:
So take a good look at my face
you see the pain won't go away
when you see me walk down the street,
don't even dare step up to me(oh aww)


Verse 2:
Some days I can't even awake
I throw the covers over my face
I use to wonder how you got the nerve
ohh, I guess it's true that what they said,
that all the times you were not there you never cared
That's why I,



Chorus until out...

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