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The Bishop's Folly

This song is by The Electric Hellfire Club and appears on the album Witness The Millennium (2000).

Somewhere in the night a fallen priest
Celebrates a mass in the name of the beast
He gives into his lust and breaks his vow
He serves a different master now

In the darkened chapel
He feeds her the apple
He leads her into temptation
And reaps the reward of his damnation

Unholy acts and blasphemous rites
The bishop smiles as the clock strikes midnight
His morals fail, her inhibitions falter
He ravishes the lusty lass on the altar

Pretty little Polly, the bishop's folly
Virgin blood for the taking
Debased and deflowered in the darkest hour
In the name of Satan!

In the darkened chapel
He feeds her the apple
The ways of Christ denied
The bishop satisfied!

He dedicates this house of God to evil
Disciples gather to honor the Devil
Through a secret door in the garden wall
Comes the Hellfire Club into Lartington Hall

Peni tenti non Penitento

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