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Paradise Reclaimed

This song is by The Electric Hellfire Club and appears on the album Witness The Millennium (2000).

Last night I dreamed of darker things
In another place and time
Where angels flew with broken wings
And demons filled the sky
I dreamed we flew beyond
Our dismal world of fire and ice
We waged a war in heaven
And reclaimed our paradise

I dreamed of great atrocities
That filled my heart with joy
Our reign would be eternal
It could not be destroyed
We broke through heaven's pearly gates
The world from which we fell
We laid the holy throne to waste
And sent your savior... straight to Hell

Apocalyptic horsemen
With violence on our minds
We will claim our judgement day
The world we left behind
We wait for Armageddon
With bated breath
The bringers of destruction
Archangels of death

These gifts our father gave us
Sacraments of fire
These things that dreams are made of
To rule again our one desire
In another place... another time
Where dreams become reality
And pride is not a crime
We'll wage a war in heaven
To regain the world we lost
Paradise will be reclaimed
No matter what the cost
Our reign will be eternal
Dreams never die
On wings of victory we shall ever fly

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