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One Dark Horse

This song is by The Electric Hellfire Club and appears on the album Witness The Millennium (2000).

In the east a storm is rising
One dark horse appears on the horizon
Sowing seeds of chaos and confusion
Time to buy weapons and learn how to use them

Genghis Khan, Napoleon and Nero
History decides - villain or a hero
Who's your king? The leader or the liar
Take the oath and meet the new messiah

One dark horse with no rider in the saddle
Will soon come forth to lead us into battle
An ancient bloodstained flag unfurls
As we wage our war on a dying world

False prophets - cheaper by the dozen
Fools all, name a one who wasn't
Slaves of God - witness the millennium
One dark horse will come forth to free them

Bow down to the true messiah
Receive the mark for all that you desire
Deny Christ - lunatic and liar
One dark horse rises from the fire

One dark horse rides toward destiny
Everything I've done finally comes back to me
Paid in full for all that I've sacrificed
Black knights in the service of the antichrist

A new age is dawning
A new breed is spawning
Last generation - final confrontation
This war will be won
A new kingdom come

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