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Dakshineswar/In The Temple Of Flesh

This song is by The Electric Hellfire Club and appears on the album Kiss The Goat (1995).

In the garden of the gods...
Under the blood stained smile of Kali
In the Temple of Flesh (In the Temple of Flesh)
We learned the meaning of ecstasy

No stained glass windows to hide beneath
No sins to be confessed (confess! confess!)
We surrendered guilt for pleasure
In the Temple of Flesh

She came to me like a bitch in heat
She went down on her knees and she
Kissed my feet... she kissed every part
Of me she wanted to bless...
She came to me in the Temple of Flesh
She prayed like a saint with the words of a whore
Then we fucked like tigers on the temple floor

No goddess of love
No ethereal deity
No vestal virgins in the Temple of Flesh
She's the daughter of Kali

Socratic method in the Hindu tradition
Kama Sutra... 44th position
Another passage to India
A dark dangerous path but here we are
In the valley of death (in the valley of death)
No return from the temple of flesh

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