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Easy Street

This song is by The Edgar Winter Group and appears on the album Shock Treatment (1974).

This song has been covered by David Lee Roth under the title "Easy Street".
Saturday night at the corner café
Had me some drinks and I'm feelin' my way
Moon's on the rise and it looks like a night for romance

Shufflin' down past the local hotel
Doin' the rounds like I'm under a spell
Must be the place
Yes, I knew when she asked me to dance

I'm on easy, easy street
I'm on easy, easy street

Seein' as how I'm a regular guy
Watchin' the girls of the evening go by
Got me a chance so I'm takin' it, makin' it last

I'm on easy, easy street
I'm on easy, easy streey

So if you're feelin' like you're a lonely man
And when ever you are down and need a gentle hand
There's always easy street you know you got it planned
But just remember boy
It's only a one night stand

That's all

Think I'll make it anyway

That's where it's at

Easy street USA

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