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Dead Hearts

This song is by The Echoing Green and appears on the album In Scarlet & Vile (2011).

Our dreams seem far away
Before the sunrise
Will grace let us betray all the tears that

I've cried
I've cried
I've felt so alone
I've pled
I've bled
I've wondered why
I'm lost
We're lost
But if we close our eyes
We might see
The light that we dream about

Hope still has a name and it sets on fire
Hope is still a flame that is burning inside
Hope has made a way for
All the dead hearts to arise

And our hearts ignite
Ascending though it feels like we're falling
Our dreams cast light
Like stars burning bright
Hearts held high
Ascending for the first time
We're soaring like birds in flight

The truth seems hard to say
So far past sunset
Can grace still take away
All the things that

I've said
You've said
Don't say it again...
I've heard
I've hurt
I've listened to lies
I'm scared
I'm scared
But I've a feeling that
This could be the last time we fall apart

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