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China Untitled, 1

This song is by The Eastern Sea and appears on the album Plague (2012).

Today I left the TV on in the room
So the maids would think that we were still in bed
And all the nights far gone with wine and song
And rode like fog on down the mountain
And finally settled on our heads

But I was up at 9 and the lobby was a ghost town
Except for a girl who knew my name but I'd forgotten hers
Said she wouldn't be surprised if it really was a town of ghosts
And they were sick of newer toes on sacred earth

So we packed a bus with food, the cameras, and the music
And someone sang a song about a cow with no arms
And no legs, and no face, and no tail, and no ears
And it's tears like the river we...

But both admire the breeze it tires my nose at night
Furniture moves around the room
Like a stumblin' pack of drunks lookin' for a fight
But may be cats in someone else's home
Telling you... things we never wanted to know

Never wanna know
If this is real or unknown

'Cause if it's bad...
It's a cruel world

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