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​Land of 1000 Dances

This song is by The Dynamics.

Got to know how to pony like Bony Maronie
Mash potato, do the alligator
Put your hand on your hips, yeah
Let your backbone slip
Do the Watusi, like my little Lucy

Hey! Uh
I need somebody to help me say it one time

Wow! Uh! You know I feel all right!
Huh! I feel pretty good y'all

Uh! Huh!

Come on y'all, let's say it one more time

Playing, it is a habit with long tall Sally
Twistin' with Lucy, doin' the Watusi
Roll over on your back, I like it like that
Do that Jerk uh, watch me work y'all
Oww! Do it!
Wow! Do it!
Watch me do it

Ah, help me
Ah, help me
Ah, help me
Ah, help me

Written by:

Dieter Bohlen