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This song is by The Drowning Season and appears on the EP Devil Down the Trail of Strange Sacrifice (2016).

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Feel the footsteps
Crashing over me
Ice like fire
Melt and set me free

Where do dreams go
When heaven's washed away
When does the night end
When I never see the day

In my downtime
Will you say my name
In my downtime
Will you remember me
In my downtime
Will forever be the same
In my downtime
Will you remember me

My salvation
Memories of home
My damnation
Left here all alone

Where is this paradise
When will the angels sing
Heaven's just a shadow
With all the hell it brings

Moving through never ending passages of time
Tongues that speak words travel from the stars
Sealed in my temple they vibrate in my mind
Echoing my prayers from afar