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This song is by The Drive.

I'm not angry anymore,
The pain's bubbled out of my head
And I'm not as good as I'd like to believe that
I am and now I'm not scared to know,
Or realize the dark side of me subtleness,
Bitterness, all bubbled right out of my head

But I'd rather have nothing than you my friend...
Nothing than you baby's gonna grow up

And move on, and mama will get over her loss
And her independence, yeah remained regained
And retained and now what have you to say
Except that you'll take it all away because
I deserve all that's taken place

It's easy to say I'm fine
And I'll heal in time
But once again I've lost
And I'll win next time
It's easy to say I'm fine
I won't heal in time
Once again I've lost
There won't be a next time

You took it away,
But you can't take it all...

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