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Ultima Esperanza

This song is by The Dresden Dolls and appears on the album No, Virgina (2008).

Downloading doves on your fancy computer
You're shooting for love in the dark
Hey jude you've found her now go instant message
Her name is a pretty good start

Ultima sits in her bedroom in Texas and
Waits for her hamsters to touch
She lost her legs in a car crash three years ago
She doesn't get around much

But she is hoping someday
Somebody will take her away

Now that you got her a dress you can send her
A matching attachment and face
Slick rhododendrons you make out of paper
With flowers that never lose shape

You have a video camera strapped to
Your forehead in case she is true
Smiling rewind as we die in slow motion
(As if it's not happening to you)

Don't be afraid of the dark ages darling,
You may have to wait for the last coming
With nix... marilon songs
And pictures she took at the prom
Knowing her name is enough: ultima...

Don't be afraid of the dark ages darling,
The stage has been set and your carriage is waiting
To take you away from this place
Where you'll meet your bride face to face
Knowing her name is enough: ultima...

Foks trotting globes rotting under your fingertips
Tapping for oil in vain
Surely you won't think to hold it against me
Its such an unusual name
Someone is hoping to find
Her limbs in an auction online
Knowing her name is enough:
Ultima esperanza

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