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The Dresden Dolls EP (2001)Edit

The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls EP
The Dresden Dolls EP
  1. Half Jack
  2. Girl Anachronism
  3. The Perfect Fit
  4. Colorblind
  5. Good Day

A Is for Accident (2003)Edit

The Dresden Dolls - A Is For Accident
A Is For Accident
  1. Missed Me (live album demo)
  2. Coin-Operated Boy (live at TT's)
  3. The Time Has Come (live at The Milky Way)
  4. Mrs. O (live at Luxx)
  5. Christopher Lydon (live at Sanders Theater)
  6. Glass Slipper (live at TT's)
  7. Thirty Whacks (live on WBRS)
  8. Bank of Boston Beauty Queen (live on WMBR)
  9. Will (album outtake - B.C. Studio)
  10. Truce (live album demo)
  11. Stand By Your Man (live at The Lizard Lounge)

The Dresden Dolls (2004)Edit

The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls
The Dresden Dolls
  1. Good Day
  2. Girl Anachronism
  3. Missed Me
  4. Half Jack
  5. 672
  6. Coin-Operated Boy
  7. Gravity
  8. Bad Habit
  9. The Perfect Fit
  10. The Jeep Song
  11. Slide
  12. Truce

Yes, Virginia (2006)Edit

The Dresden Dolls - Yes, Virginia
Yes, Virginia
  1. Sex Changes
  2. Backstabber
  3. Modern Moonlight
  4. My Alcoholic Friends
  5. Delilah
  6. Dirty Business
  7. First Orgasm
  8. Mrs. O
  9. Shores of California
  10. Necessary Evil
  11. Mandy Goes to Med School
  12. Me and the Minibar
  13. Sing
  14. Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner (Japanese bonus track)

No, Virginia (2008)Edit

The Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia
No, Virginia
  1. Dear Jenny
  2. Night Reconnaissance
  3. The Mouse and the Model
  4. Ultima Esperanza
  5. The Gardener
  6. Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner
  7. Sorry Bunch
  8. Pretty in Pink
  9. The Kill
  10. The Sheep Song
  11. Boston

Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. A Night At The Roses
  2. Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
  3. Battered Bride
  4. Bitter
  5. Blake Says
  6. Kaledrina
  7. Karma Police
  8. Life On Mars
  9. Pierre
  10. Sandy's Song
  11. The Point Of It All
  12. The Tale Of A Very Sad End

Additional information

Years active:
  • 2001-2008, 2010-present
Band members:
Record labels:

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