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Legends Never Die (2007)Edit

The Dreadnoughts - Legends Never Die
Legends Never Die
  1. Old Maui
  2. Katie, Bar the Door
  3. Fire Marshall Willy
  4. Antarctica
  5. Leonard Cohen
  6. Mary the One Eyed Prostitute, Who Fought the Colossal Squid and Saved Us from Certain Death on the High Seas. God Rest Her One Eyed Soul.
  7. A Rambler's Life
  8. Sons of Murphy
  9. Elizabeth
  10. Roll the Woodpile Down
  11. The Dreadnought

Victory Square (2009)Edit

The Dreadnoughts - Victory Square
Victory Square
  1. Hottress
  2. Ivanhoe
  3. The West Country
  4. Boneyard
  5. Samovar
  6. Grace O'Malley
  7. The Skrigjaargen Polka
  8. Eliza Lee
  9. Amsterdam
  10. Victory Square

Polka's Not Dead (2010)Edit

The Dreadnoughts - Polka's Not Dead
Polka's Not Dead
  1. Cider Road
  2. Polka Never Dies
  3. Gintlemen's Club
  4. Randy Dandy-Oh
  5. Goblin Humppa
  6. Poutine
  7. Turbo Island
  8. Black Sea Gale
  9. Clavdia's Waltz
  10. Paulina
  11. West Country Man
  12. Sleep Is For The Weak
  13. Za Śmierć Przyjaciela

Cyder Punks Unite (2010)Edit

The Dreadnoughts - Cyder Punks Unite
Cyder Punks Unite

Side One

  1. Cyder Road

Side Two

  1. Cyder Drinker
  2. Sally Brown

Uncle Touchy Goes to College (2011)Edit

The Dreadnoughts - Uncle Touchy Goes to College
Uncle Touchy Goes to College
  1. Defiants
  2. Grand Union Hotel
  3. The Cruel Wars
  4. Knife to the Eye
  5. Mazurka des Moustaches
  6. Avalon
  7. Old Maui (A Capella)

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