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Gimme A Ride

This song is by The Donnas and appears on the album The Donnas Turn 21 (2000).

I got the message on my machine
The party starts at 10:15
So tell me you can gimme a ride
Drop waht you're doing and meet me outside

Speedin' up cause we're runnin'late
Take the shortcut by the super 8
I have to make it across the bay bridge
Fast enough to put the beer in the fridge

Gimme a ride Gimme a ride
It's your turn we've got fuel to burn
Gimme a ride Gimme a ride
Let's go cause we're on a oll

Our car is rented and it's already dented
But it's freshly lemon scented
We might be late but it wont kill you
Make a stop at the nearest drive thru

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