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40 Boys In 40 Nights

This song is by The Donnas and appears on the album The Donnas Turn 21 (2000).

Spendin every night in a different state
Spendin every night with a different date
I come into town and have a look around
And then I find a guy who wants to get down

Int. I got boys all over the road
I got boys helpin me unload

Ch. Forty boys in forty nights
I got no time to see the sights

Sometimes I nibble and sometimes I bite
I kinda sorta wanna get skintight
Have some now save some for later
But there's no cute boys in Decatur


Makin out all night in hollywood
You know I'd do 'em all if I could
My honey in Stuttgart doesn't care
That I collect their underwear
I got boys all over the road
I got boys helpin me unload


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