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The Donnas (1997)Edit

The Donnas - The Donnas

The Donnas

  1. Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
  2. Let's Go Mano
  3. Teenage Runaway
  4. Lana & Stevie
  5. I'm Gonna Make Him Mine (Tonight)
  6. Huff All Night
  7. I Don't Wanna Go
  8. We Don't Go
  9. Friday Fun
  10. Everybody's Smoking Cheeba
  11. Rid of That Girl
  12. Drive In
  13. Do You Wanna Go Out With Me
  14. Rock 'n' Roll Boy
  15. High School Yum Yum
  16. Boy Like You
  17. Let's Rab
  18. Last Chance Dance
  19. I Wanna Be a Unabomber
  20. Da Doo Ron Ron
  21. I Don't Want to Go to School
  22. I Don't Wanna Rock 'n' Roll Tonight

American Teenage Rock-n-Roll Machine (1998)Edit

The Donnas - American Teenage Rock-N-Roll Machine

American Teenage Rock-n-Roll Machine

  1. Rock 'n' Roll Machine
  2. You Make Me Hot
  3. Checkin' It Out
  4. Gimmie My Radio
  5. Outta My Mind
  6. Looking for Blood
  7. Leather on Leather
  8. Wanna Get Some Stuff
  9. Speed Demon
  10. Shake in the Action

Get Skintight (1999)Edit

The Donnas - Get Skintight

Get Skintight

  1. Skin Tight
  2. Hyperactive
  3. You Don't Wanna Call
  4. Hook It Up
  5. Doin' Donuts
  6. Searching the Streets
  7. Party Action
  8. I Didn't Like You Anyway
  9. Get Outta My Room
  10. Well Done
  11. Get You Alone
  12. Hot Boxin'
  13. Too Fast for Love
  14. Zero

The Donnas Turn 21 (2000)Edit

The Donnas - The Donnas Turn 21

The Donnas Turn 21

  1. Are You Gonna Move It for Me
  2. Do You Wanna Hit It
  3. 40 Boys in 40 Nights
  4. Play My Game
  5. Midnight Snack
  6. Drivin' Thru My Heart
  7. You've Got a Crush on Me
  8. Little Boy
  9. Don't Get Me Busted
  10. Police Blitz
  11. Hot Pants
  12. Gimme a Ride
  13. Living After Midnight
  14. Nothing to Do

Spend the Night (2002)Edit

The Donnas - Spend The Night

Spend the Night

  1. It's on the Rocks
  2. Take It Off
  3. Who Invited You
  4. All Messed Up
  5. Dirty Denim
  6. You Wanna Get Me High
  7. I Don't Care (So There)
  8. Pass It Around
  9. Too Bad About Your Girl
  10. Not the One
  11. Please Don't Tease
  12. Take Me to the Backseat
  13. 5 O'Clock in the Morning
  14. Big Rig

Gold Medal (2004)Edit

The Donnas - Gold Medal

Gold Medal

  1. I Don't Want To Know (If You Don't Want Me)
  2. Friends Like Mine
  3. Don't Break Me Down
  4. Fall Behind Me
  5. Is That All You've Got For Me
  6. It's So Hard
  7. The Gold Medal
  8. Out Of My Hands
  9. It Takes One To Know One
  10. Revolver
  11. Have You No Pride
  12. Lost and Found (iTunes Bonus Track)
  13. Don't Break Me Down (Acoustic)
    iTunes Bonus

Bitchin' (2007)Edit

The Donnas - Bitchin


  1. Bitchin'
  2. Don't Wait Up for Me
  3. Wasted
  4. What Do I Have to Do
  5. Save Me
  6. Like an Animal
  7. Here for the Party
  8. Better Off Dancing
  9. Love You Till It Hurts
  10. Smoke You Out
  11. Girl Talk
  12. Give Me What I Want
  13. Tonight's Alright
  14. When the Show Is Over
  15. Can't Keep It a Secret
Bonus tracks available only on vinyl or by digital download:
Bonus track available only by digital download:

Greatest Hits Vol. 16 (2009)Edit

The Donnas - Greatest Hits Vol. 16

Greatest Hits Vol. 16

  1. Get Off
  2. Perfect Stranger
  3. We Own the Night
  4. She's Out of Control
  5. Take It Off
  6. Fall Behind Me
  7. Get You Alone
  8. Play My Game
  9. You Make Me Hot
  10. Rid of That Girl
  11. Hey, I'm Gonna Be Your Girl
  12. I Wanna Be With a Girl Like You
  13. I Don't Wanna Go to School
  14. Teenage Rules
  15. Don't Wanna Break Your Head
  16. High School Yum Yum

Non-album tracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Look Me In The Eye bogus

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Band members:
  • Brett Anderson - lead vocals, piano
  • Allison Robertson - guitar, backing vocals
  • Maya Ford - bass, backing vocals
  • Amy Cesari - drums and percussion, backing vocals (2009–present)
Former members:
  • Torry Castellano - drums and percussion, backing vocals (1993–2009)
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