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Face To Face

This song is by The Dolphin Brothers and appears on the album Catch The Fall (1987).

You buried the seed inside of me
With every day it grows
Like a flame that clings to life
I like it, heaven knows

All we need is this memory
We're face to face
Watching carefully

I wish I could learn all your secrets
What a man has to do?
It could take a lifetime
But that's all I want to do

You've got your own way with me
'Cause you're right here under my skin
You took control suddenly
But I don't mind
You're working your way through me
With a smile I let you right in
It doesn't make life so easy
But don't let go

Something you can't disguise
Your arrows aimed I know
I see a smile in your eyes
Before you let it go

I wish I could learn all your secrets
Given time I may do
What's in your mind?
Is it all games to you?

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