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The Season

This song is by The Dodos and appears on the album Visiter (2008).

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Somewhere in between this ocean and mountainside
I have this dream I think of it still sometimes
I know it's just the season
I sense no time or reason
The sky falls down, it's evening
The feeling goes, it's leaving

Miles until this desert brings me back to your face
Those eyes, you know, I think of them still sometimes
But you're away in Eden
And I'm still here, the heathen
This time's for real, we're even
We do this for the season

I cross the sand without your hand
I go back to where you and I began
And I was yours and you were mine
Things seem so soon to say goodbye
I hope you're well as I am fine
I keep to myself where I go, where I lie

I woke up in a cave
No air, no light, no shade
When did things turn this way?
I miss you on certain days

Written by:

Logan Kroeber / Meric Long

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