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The Watson Family (1963)Edit

The Doc Watson Family - The Watson Family
The Watson Family
  1. Ground Hog
  2. Every Day Dirt
  3. Bonaparte's Retreat
  4. The House Carpenter
  5. I'm Troubled
  6. Your Long Journey
  7. When I Die
  8. That Train That Carried My Girl from Town
  9. Down the Road
  10. The Lone Pilgrim
  11. Texas Gales/Blackberry Rag
  12. Darling Corey
  13. The Triplett Tragedy
  14. Muddy Roads
  15. The Lost Soul

Tradition (1977)Edit

The Doc Watson Family - Tradition
  1. Georgie
  2. Fish In The Mill Pond
  3. Julie Jenkins
  4. Hushabye
  5. Baa Nanny Black Sheep
  6. Sheepy And The Goat
  7. I Heard My Mother Weeping
  8. Reuben's Train
  9. Biscuits
  10. Tucker's Barn
  11. Give The Fiddler A Dram
  12. And Am I Born To Die?
  13. Marthy, Won't You Have Some Good Old Cider?
  14. A-Roving On A Winter's Night
  15. Arnold's Tune
  16. Pretty Saro
  17. Early, Early In The Spring
  18. Little Maggie
  19. Bill Banks
  20. Rambling Hobo
  21. One Morning In May
  22. The Faithful Soldier
  23. Omie Wise
  24. Jimmy Sutton

Songs From the Southern Mountains (1994)Edit

The Doc Watson Family - Songs From the Southern Mountains
Songs From the Southern Mountains
  1. Rye Cove
  2. Twilight Is Stealing
  3. Fisher's Hornpipe
  4. Anniversary Blue Yodel (Blue Yodel #7)
  5. A Tiny Broken Heart
  6. Honey Babe Blues
  7. Brown's Dream
  8. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
  9. My Little Woman, You're So Sweet
  10. Will My Mother Know Me There?
  11. Go Shoot Old Davey Dugger
  12. My Wandering Boy
  13. Somebody Touched Me
  14. Grandfather's Clock
  15. Lonely Tombs
  16. Just A Friend

Other SongsEdit

  1. Doodle Bug
  2. Hicks' Farewell
  3. Shady Grove
  4. The Cuckoo Bird

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