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Fanfare for the Comic Muse (1990)Edit

The Divine Comedy-Fanfare for the comic muse

Fanfare for the Comic Muse

  1. Ignorance Is Bliss
  2. Comme Beaucoup de Messieurs
  3. Indian Rain
  4. Bleak Landscape
  5. Tailspin
  6. The Rise and Fall
  7. Logic vs. Emotion
  8. Secret Garden

Liberation (1993)Edit

The Divine Comedy-Liberation


  1. Festive Road
  2. Death of a Supernaturalist
  3. Bernice Bobs Her Hair
  4. I Was Born Yesterday
  5. Your Daddy's Car
  6. Europop
  7. Timewatching
  8. The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count
  9. Queen of the South
  10. Victoria Falls
  11. Three Sisters
  12. Europe by Train
  13. Lucy

Promenade (1994)Edit

The Divine Comedy-Promenade


  1. Bath
  2. Going Downhill Fast
  3. The Booklovers
  4. A Seafood Song
  5. Geronimo
  6. Don't Look Down
  7. When the Lights Go Out All Over Europe
  8. The Summerhouse
  9. Neptune's Daughter
  10. A Drinking Song
  11. Ten Seconds to Midnight
  12. Tonight We Fly
  13. Ode to the Man

Casanova (1996)Edit

The Divine Comedy-Casanova


  1. Something for the Weekend
  2. Becoming More Like Alfie
  3. Middle-Class Heroes
  4. In and Out of Paris and London
  5. Charge
  6. Songs of Love
  7. The Frog Princess
  8. A Woman of the World
  9. Through a Long and Sleepless Night
  10. Theme from Casanova
  11. The Dogs & the Horses

A Short Album About Love (1997)Edit

A short album about love

A Short Album About Love

  1. In Pursuit of Happiness
  2. Everybody Knows (Except You)
  3. Someone
  4. If...
  5. If I Were You
  6. Timewatching
  7. I'm All You Need
Bonus tracks on limited edition
  1. Motorway to Damascus
  2. Love Is Lighter Than Air
  3. Birds of Paradise Farm
  4. Make It Easy on Yourself

Fin de Siècle (1998)Edit

The Divine Comedy - Fin De Siècle

Fin de Siècle

  1. Generation Sex
  2. Thrillseeker
  3. Commuter Love
  4. Sweden
  5. Eric the Gardener
  6. National Express
  7. Life on Earth
  8. The Certainty of Chance
  9. Here Comes the Flood
  10. Sunrise

A Secret History (1999)Edit

The Divine Comedy - A Secret History

A Secret History

  1. National Express
  2. Something for the Weekend
  3. Everybody Knows (Except You)
  4. Generation Sex
  5. Becoming More Like Alfie
  6. The Summerhouse
  7. Your Daddy's Car
  8. The Pop Singer's Fear of the Pollen Count
  9. The Frog Princess
  10. Gin Soaked Boy
  11. Lucy
  12. Songs of Love
  13. In Pursuit of Happiness
  14. I've Been to a Marvellous Party
  15. The Certainty of Chance
  16. Too Young to Die
  17. Tonight We Fly
Limited edition bonus disc (Rarities)
  1. Bernice Bobs Her Hair (live)
  2. Bleak Landscape (demo)
  3. The Booklovers (live)
  4. The Certainty of Chance (demo)
  5. Commuter Love (live)
  6. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (live)
  7. A Drinking Song (live)
  8. The Frog Princess (live)
  9. Generation Sex (demo)
  10. Life on Mars? (live)
  11. Life's What You Make It (acoustic)
  12. The Model (live)
  13. National Express (live)
  14. Painting the Forth Bridge (demo)
  15. Queen of the South (acoustic)
  16. The Summerhouse (live)
  17. Soul Destroyer (demo)
  18. Your Daddy's Car (demo)
  19. Moon River (demo)

Regeneration (2001)Edit

The Divine Comedy-Regeneration


  1. Timestretched
  2. Bad Ambassador
  3. Perfect Lovesong
  4. Note to Self
  5. Lost Property
  6. Eye of the Needle
  7. Love What You Do
  8. Dumb It Down
  9. Mastermind
  10. Regeneration
  11. The Beauty Regime
Limited edition bonus disc
  1. Soul Trader
  2. You
  3. Get Me to a Monastery
  4. Edward the Confessor

The Bavarian EP (2004)Edit

The Divine Comedy - The Bavarian EP

The Bavarian EP

  1. No One Knows (Live at Gaiety Theatre, Dublin)
  2. Our Mutual Friend (Demo, 2003)
  3. Three Sisters (Live at Gaiety Theatre, Dublin)

Absent Friends (2004)Edit

The Divine Comedy - Absent Friends

Absent Friends

  1. Absent Friends
  2. Sticks and Stones
  3. Leaving Today
  4. Come Home Billy Bird
  5. My Imaginary Friend
  6. The Wreck of the Beautiful
  7. Our Mutual Friend
  8. The Happy Goth
  9. Freedom Road
  10. Laika's Theme
  11. Charmed Life
Limited edition bonus disc
  1. Idaho
  2. Anthem For Bored Youth
  3. Girl Least Likely
  4. All Things

Victory for the Comic Muse (2006)Edit

The Divine Comedy-Victory for the comic muse

Victory for the Comic Muse

  1. To Die a Virgin
  2. Mother Dear
  3. Diva Lady
  4. A Lady of a Certain Age
  5. The Light of Day
  6. Threesome
  7. Party Fears Two
  8. Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World
  9. The Plough
  10. Count Grassi's Passage over Piedmont
  11. Snowball in Negative

Bang Goes the Knighthood (2010)Edit

Bang Goes the Knightood

Bang Goes the Knighthood

  1. Down in the Street Below
  2. The Complete Banker
  3. Neapolitan Girl
  4. Bang Goes the Knighthood
  5. At the Indie Disco
  6. Have You Ever Been in Love
  7. Assume the Perpendicular
  8. The Lost Art of Conversation
  9. Island Life
  10. When a Man Cries
  11. Can You Stand upon One Leg
  12. I Like
Bonus tracks on iTunes release
  1. Ya Sumeera
  2. Beside the Railway Tracks
  3. The Circular Firing Squad
  4. Napoleon Complex

Foreverland (2016)Edit

The Divine Comedy - Foreverland


  1. Napoleon Complex
  2. Foreverland
  3. Catherine the Great
  4. Funny Peculiar
  5. The Pact
  6. To the Rescue
  7. How Can You Leave Me on My Own
  8. I Joined the Foreign Legion (To Forget)
  9. My Happy Place
  10. A Desperate Man
  11. Other People
  12. The One Who Loves You

Songs on Compilations and SoundtracksEdit

Songs on SinglesEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Absolute Power
  2. Born With A Broken Heart
  3. Cathy
  4. Guantanamo
  5. Hate My Way
  6. Johnny Mathis' Feet
  7. Maryland Electric Rainstorm
  8. Trafalgar
  9. All Mine

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