The Distillers:World Comes Tumblin' Down Lyrics

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World Comes Tumblin' Down

This song is by The Distillers and appears on the album The Distillers (2000).

start a riot, slash ya wrists red
you want an answer?
do you speak delinquently
oh yeah?
theres a message antagonist
you want an answer?
i bet you kill someone
oh yeah?

come on come on i beg you
my world comes tumbling down

i paid the price heartache im not sorry
i fell in love with you in NYC
she ran away her mamma never loved her
pill popping pity, she is sick in melbourne city
oh no, oh yeah, oh where are you gerti rouge?

come on i beg you
my world comes tumbling down
hey oh baby come on and speak to me
hey come on

uh oh you are fucking bored
are you, youre fucking bored
youre just bored

fuck you

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