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Aquatic Ape

This song is by The Disco Biscuits and appears on the live album Live At Baltimore, Md: 12.28.06 (2009).


Webs on our hands and webs on our toes
Lost all our hair but still we breathe through the nose
Hunts in the water, carnivorous ape
Swims like a porpoise, but is simian-shaped
Aquatic ape
Aquatic ape
Aquatic ape
Aquatic ape

(Chorus used to be:
Aquatic Ape
Swimmin' in the water with erotical grape
Erotic Grape
Swimmin' in the water with aquatical ape)

Comes out of the streams and into the lake
We're having fish for dinner, for heaven's sake
And after dinner, we'll pick some fruit
And then we'll go back, bring your swimsuit

I met you in the street (yeah) and you know who I am
Took you back to my place where we started to jam
I looked in your eyes... then I realized
Your head's pretty big, but not as big as the sky
(Used to be " big as your thighs")

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