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This song is by The Dignity Of Labour and appears on the album The Dignity Of Labour (2005).

When the world outside is cold
Visitation to days of old
Images of once before
Held behind a clever door
Revelations intertwined
With episodes unkind

And every fear
Will disappear
When you are here

If I ask, I shall receive
An invitation to make-believe
Showing nightly in a dream
One recurring theme

On holiday
From what they say
No mission gray
So let's pretend
Time has no end
For one more day

Utopia is a moment at your side
When perfect possibilities are open wide

Boy and girl beneath our skin
Pleading us to let them in
Delicate in every sense
Hidden from present-tense

A game to play
In our own way
No time decay
It's not too late
For yesterday

Utopia is eternity you share
Make a trip to the other side
And my heart will linger there

Utopia is the laughter in your skies
Where I'm ascending
Every time I close my eyes

Utopia is the color of your mind
Where the shades of reality
Are simply left behind

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