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Stronger Is The Soul

This song is by The Dignity Of Labour and appears on the album Tired Hands (1993).

Boarding a train on a dead-end line
The old man stumbles while the engine whines
And he takes his place with the younger crowd
Where sympathy is not allowed
He reaches for his favorite book
So compelled to take a look
All the pages are yellow and the print is gray
But the words keep him alive from day to day

Remembering those yesterdays
When a young man caught a woman's gaze
And in that second he claimed to see
What would become this memory
The lines give way to a smile on his face
When he dreams of going to a higher place
Where there is no hunger, there is no pain
And to see her shining face again

All the years have finally taken their toll
Weaker is the body
Stronger is the soul One day the old man isn't on the train
And no one's missed him, just the same
But there were angels waiting on the other side
To take him on his own eternal ride

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