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This song is by The Dignity Of Labour and appears on the album The Dignity Of Labour (2005).

Young boy hiding in a locker room
A pencil in his hand
Grinding circles into the wall
He doesn't understand
Why the others treat him as invisible
Or they punch him with their smiles
He dreams of a place where there is no shade
A platform to be seen for miles

Close your eyes
Let the moments pass
Like sand grain seconds
Through an hourglass

Young boy climbing to a desert high
A message in his hand
Tracing circles around the clouds
His destiny is planned
Would the airwaves choke when it made the news?
Would the television sigh?
Ghost reporters in a bitter sun
Taking lessons in the way to die

Better to forget than to comprehend
Imagination colliding with real
Gone without a trace from an empty place
Leaving nothing sacred, nothing to reveal

Damon dancing into the light
A microphone in his hand
Turning circles across the stage
They move to his command
And the audience doesn't know about that day
When he gambled with the sacred breath
But his blood runs sober as the curtains fall
Like the sand upon the face of death

Better to remember and memorize
Every motion that carried you here
Couldn't change the time only your state of mind
As the scars upon your spirit disappear

When your world begins to fray
When the rules refuse to play
Somewhere there is promise for another serving
When the soul begins to bleed
A moment is all you need
Long enough to feel the weight of your decision
Hesitate and regain your vision
Seconds separate you from the fall

Save a moment