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This song is by The Dignity Of Labour and appears on the album The Dignity Of Labour (2005).

Yesterday an audience of one
No distortion or imperfect harmony
But today I stand, staring at the sun
Ever blinded by celestial naivety

A message sent, and no reply
Did you receive the last transmission Loud and clear?
I'm standing by
Just waiting for a sign beyond this atmosphere
Communicate conditions
Occupy this common frequency
And save me from uncertainty

I can feel your absence, cold like steel
Twisting gently from a distant place
As the stages fall away, reveal
Every question, every disappointed face

A signal flare into the sky
And it was bright enough for anyone to see
How did it die
Without a hope, without a possibility?
My satellite in silence
Orbiting where no one can relate
Is this the disconnection date?

Waiting for the distant star to fall

No telescope, no ship to fly
And I have nothing left but virtuality
The naked eye
Can never justify with objectivity
Reception interrupted
Images dissolve upon the screen
What does it mean?
Detection fading with pure ambiguity
Don't dignify
This is goodbye

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