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This song is by The Dignity Of Labour and appears on the album The Dignity Of Labour (2005).

You set my heart on fire
Filled me with sweet desire
Burning passion and delight
But the flame you started
Suddenly departed
Now I'm searching alone in the night

When did all the words between us fail to captivate?
Lines become so tired until there's nothing new to state
Spread like a cancer that we could not isolate
Did the passages reveal our fate?

You were my one and only
No more feeling lonely
Every second of the day
But then the times were changing
Never rearranging
The love we felt so true had gone astray

When did we forget to keep our gaze upon the sky?
Searching along the ground with a customary eye
Love so predictable and we never questioned why
Did the promises we made begin to die?

Familiar faces
Subtle traces
Cold embraces

When did every loving phrase become so obsolete?
Imagination like a path beneath our feet
Only a formula when the ornaments decay
Did we ever long to feel this way?

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