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Spring Never Felt So Warm

This song is by The Diff'rent Strokes and appears on the compilation From Brooklyn With Love (2002).

I woke up today with the sun in my face and the breeze in my window
Not to complain, but I was missing something
I remember your breath on my face and the cold sheets that we slept in and we talked all through the morning
And as I held your hand I wished that nights like this would never end
I woke up today with the sun in my face, with a smile, but sadly without you
And maybe on Wednesday when you come visit me we can sit on your couch and watch nothing on the TV while the sun makes it way out west
I wouldn't mind spending a sunset with you, I spend forever with you
And Tom says I'm falling for this girl, but you in my arms is more than I could ever ask for and I never wanted more than I want you right now
If I ask you to be mine will you say yes? What will you say? Will you be mine?

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