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​Green Valley

This song is by The Devil's Interval and appears on the album Blood And Honey (2006).

Well, a young man courted me earnestly,
And with his wishes I did comply,
'Twas his false vows and his flattering tongue,
He beguiléd me, love, when I was young.

As we went down in yon green valley,
With the small birds whistling round,
Changing their notes from tree to tree,
As the sun arose on the green valley.

As I sat down, all by my love's right hand,
He swore by Heaven, by sea and land,
That the rising sun he would never see,
If ever he proved false to me.

For eleven long months he proved both true and kind,
But a short time after he changed his mind,
He changed his mind to a high degree,
And he bade farewell to the green valley.

Well, hold him fast, and don't you let him go,
For he his mine, and that well he knows,
And mind of the promise you made to me,
As the sun arose on the green valley.

Well, mind of the promise that I made to you,
That I'll have no more to do with you,
My father's counsel I must obey,
So it's goodbye, darling, I must away.

Well, if he's gone, then I do wish him well,
For to marry as I've heard tell,
My innocent babe I must tender care,
Of this false promise let him beware.

Am I single, or am I free?
Or am I bound, love, to marry thee?
A single life is the best that I see,
A contented mind bears no slavery.
A contented mind bears no slavery.