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​Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels

This song is by The Derailers and appears on the album Full Western Dress (1999).

Played a party last night for some old folks
They were dancing and smiling at me
'Cept this old man alone at a table
As if there's someplace that he'd rather be

So I said, "Sir, can I play something for you.
Something special that you'd like to hear"
When he looked up at me he was smiling
Oh, but his eyes couldn't hide the tears

He said, "Play me the Waltz of the Angels,
And I'll close my eyes and pretend.
Play me the Waltz of the Angels,
So I can dance with my angel again."

He said, "Yes, that's the song I remember
That's the one that she loved the best
It was playing the night that I met her
And it was playing when we laid her to rest."

"Let me dance with my angel again."